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Welcome to my Literary Archive!

There are five major catagories of art that I write in. They are:

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(You must be a legal adult to read, but sex isn't a main theme)
(Focuses Entirely on Sexual Content)
(Focuses entirely on Extreme Sexual Content not suitable for most people)
Biotech - The Century Voyage
Animal Specialists
Choose Your Destiny  
Chicken Chicken
Genetic Part Tribute
Blood of Lamb
Clutch Ch 1-2
Deal with the Devil  
Can't Take the Heat
Down at the Horse Track  
Dream Come True  
Flames of Passion
ManSpider Redux 01-05
John Doe
Pissing in the Woods
Male Enhancement
Play Ball
Porking It


Naughty or Nice
Say Cheese and Die
One Wish
Tentacle Sex Vine
Saw Unrated
The Costume Shop
Scarlet Night
The Genie
Self Discovery
The Sisterhood
Selling Your Soul Parts 1-2
Truth or Dare
Shadow Bear
UTI - Drider
Silk 1-6
WereSpider Ch 1-5
Tech TG
Yoshi Girl  
The Dog park
The Eccentric
The Elf and the Woodsman
The Gift of Horse
The Gymnast
The Lion's Den
The Renamon Incident
Trained Animals - Otter
Training Pants
UTI - Naga
UTI -Squidtaur
UTI - Vixen
Walk in the Park
Webbed Ch 1-5
Wong Wang
You're a Horse
You're my Baby Girl

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